hey kids

don’t you want to listen to a couple of japanese boys talk about how in love they are


i know you do

i wasn’t paying attention and i fried some eggs in mirin instead of cooking oil

all of the fandom stuff i bought while i was in tokyo this weekend

highlights include:

It’s snowing and fucking freezing and we’ve been standing outside to get goods for three hours

okay but yes this weekend i won’t be here

because I’m going to sapporo

not for sightseeing 

because who does that

but to see abc-z in concert and it’s going to be awesome

there. i’ve updated my about me finally. now it has my correct age on it and kira is linked three times because it’s kira come on

and now johnny’s is in my fandom list, so it’s official i am at least in part a blog about dumb japanese boy bands. i’m sorry but not really because they’re great.

again though if you don’t want to see any of this i am very careful about tagging so feel free to blacklist the relevant tags


oh no i forgot to turn the news on when i got home