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InkTober 15 - Personal Prompt: A Spin on Yesterday’s Prompt

Jim gets his revenge. X3 
Sparkly RomCom Hero style. 

(Sorry for essentially recycling yesterday’s pose… but I wanted to do a Jim-carries-Spock version because you know he wants to sweep Spock off his feet like the big dumb romantic dork he is!!!)


InkTober 14 - Prompt from spockoandjimjim: “Spock carrying a sleepy Jim bridal style and giving him a gentle forehead kiss.”



You’re gone, gone, gone away.

[for Rita's b-day]

captain: close that door.

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Inktober Day 10, also Femslash Friday. I couldn’t finish and post it on time for either, since my internet decided to say bye ;^; anyway, Uhura and Chapel are the cutest :3

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for Mr.spock 배포전 event

so c o l l a p s e,
c r u m b l e

this is not your d e s t r u c t i o n

this is your b i r t h

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