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star trekkin’ across the universe.
boldly going forward ‘cause we can’t find reverse.



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I really like the thought of Vulcan’s painting their hands black and having claws. 

Thank you Shimmy


rebellion sits well on you; like a red coat or the gilt gold burnish of youth. (insp.)(x)


spock + quarters


Now kiss!


His answer lies elsewhere.
#god i could write an essay about why this is perfect #because kirk is so lost and bitter and he thinks that getting the enterprise back will fix everything #but he can’t even function without spock #without spock’s logic tempering his command #his intuition which has made him the best captain in starfleet is reckless and foundering #and spock is cold and angry #and even achieving kolinahr has been destroyed for him #because his mind’s still reaching out across the galaxy for something #anything #for this simple feeling which will justify his very existence #and everytime he searches he and kirk butt up against one another again #even when they’re separated by millions of miles they hear the answer in one another and answer instinctively

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written in the stars