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커크스팍 앤솔로지 홍보엽서


Captain, I believe you have made the right decision.

# okay the thing that kills me about them # in this universe or in tos # is that i get this overwhelming feeling that they’re always having 2 conversations# the one on the surface # and then the one underneath # the one that only they can understand # this feels like an apology and an acceptance # without ever saying the words # and it KILLS me # fucking soulmates and their fucking waYS (tags via vulcns)

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They say we are made of stars, of galaxies-
So let me explore them
With my fingertips

it was 3am…I couldn’t sleep…doodles…my weakness is pinky holding K/S don’t look at me

"I have been and always shall be yours.”

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If all else fails draw your favorite OTP.

Jim, …I should have known

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