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when download links from two years ago still work 

It’s my pudding, not yours.



In two parts.

hnnnnnnng gimme


宮田俊哉 27/132

Oh GOD his smile… >.<

also i tripped on the clothes that i have strewn all over the floor and i ran into a door frame

and now i have a huge bruise on my arm

did i tell you guys about how at one of the sexy zone concerts we went to fuuma said something about being blond but having no muscles

and shori said that if you’re talking about being blond with muscles you mean tsuka-chan

and then it turned out that tsuka-chan had actually come to watch the concert that day and he yelled loud enough for the entire arena to hear that he has three strengths 1) blond hair 2) muscles AND 3) acrobatics


Miyata Toshiya on Playing a Prince and Becoming a Voice Actor

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48/100 ふみきゅん