i think it’s hilarious that every time anyone hands tama a camera the only thing he’ll take pictures of is miyata

i watched it years ago, but from what i remember it’s very sweet and gentle and quiet, easy watching. i went through it by watching an episode at the end of the day to unwind

those are my favorite kind of shows. really give me anything slice of life and i will probably love it. man, i haven’t watched anime in forever. i should really start watching stuff again

have you watched “aoi hana”? that’s what i immediately thought of when you said “baby lesbian coming of age story” lol

i haven’t yet but i’ve heard that it’s really good and i’ve been meaning to watch it for years now oops ww

i want to believe so badly that omoide no marnie is a baby lesbian coming of age story

so from today we’re on summer vacation and as soon as i finish english camp on wednesday i’m going on my trip to osaka

the awful moment before your blacklist kicks in

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sou throughout pvs

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"Kavkanize" promo picture

happy birthday yasui kentaro/安井謙太郎 (91.07.21)!!

although it’s been less than a year since you became my ultimate favorite johnny’s, the past few months have been a blessing from your various drama appearances to your adorable antics on shokura. and like evidence shows (aka all the jrs that can’t become detached from you), yasui kentaro is just a lovable person no matter who comes upon him. thank you for always smiling and being a guiding light to your peers and juniors alike. my support towards you may not have begun from the beginning since i joined fandom late, and although it may seem as though i waver away from following up on your schedules, my support will always stay the same for yasuken ♥. continue to be the star that you are, and you’ll continue to be loved by everyone. happy birthday and i wish you the best.’

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