oh man this radio episode is so ゆるい~

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I really love them ^ ^

i’m so here for this

senga’s doing that thing where he holds the note out just a tiny bit longer than everyone else so that all you can hear is him lmao

Name: secret base ~君がくれたもの~
Artist: 舞祭組
Album: UTAGE!
102 plays


UTAGE! (7.28.14): Busaiku singing "secret base ~kimi ga kureta mono~"

when i first saw fanart of that picture popping up i immediately thought of miyatama and i tried so hard to find a miyatama one and then i finally found that picture and I WAS SO HAPPY. that fanart makes me so happy.

it just fits them so perfectly ww

i’m looking back through my twitter because i’m bored and look at this adorable fanart that i found