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we’ll just have to be persistent like i’m pretty sure if you give miyatama a drama with them being super cute in love with each other it would have pretty high ratings

it would be a huge hit like drama of the year win all of the awards and everyone would talk about it for ages

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can i send this in to johnnys and demand a change of story so it can be exactly like this is that possible

i don’t know if johnny will listen but we can certainly try lol

more ideas for heibusa au

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How about cute clumsy salaryman miyata going home at the end of the day and always finding tamamori, the model hired for the company’s CMs, waiting in his apartment, and miyata not being sure what their relationship is because tama’s a sexy popular model who doesn’t seem to be that interested in him and miyata can’t read all the signs that tama likes him but they’re both dumb and in love with one another


InkTober 15 - Personal Prompt: A Spin on Yesterday’s Prompt

Jim gets his revenge. X3 
Sparkly RomCom Hero style. 

(Sorry for essentially recycling yesterday’s pose… but I wanted to do a Jim-carries-Spock version because you know he wants to sweep Spock off his feet like the big dumb romantic dork he is!!!)


InkTober 14 - Prompt from spockoandjimjim: “Spock carrying a sleepy Jim bridal style and giving him a gentle forehead kiss.”


I’m on like my fifth rewatch of heibusa

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is miyata like collectively not-liked or something ? ?? ??? ???? damn

ummmm it’s complicated and it doesn’t really help that i’m super sensitive lmao

no actually he’s like the beloved/mascot character of the group which means that everyone loves him but he also gets teased a lot by everyone and he’s also just not as popular as the other members of the group