My name is Katie. I’m 24, and I like literature, gay subtext, and expressing my feelings in tags. I live in Japan, which means I’m dying for a burrito and some real bread. I blog about Star Trek and dorky Japanese boy bands. 

I’m actually the female version of Chris Pine. Ask Kira.


"katie is the greatest person you will ever encounter and that includes all your favourite celebrities and fictional characters"

                                                                     - kira, certified people value-r

     My Fandoms:

Star Trek (TOS and XI), Johnny’s (particularly Kis My Ft2 and NEWS), Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock and Granada), Supernatural, Suits, Oofuri, Tiger and Bunny, and Merlin.

     My OTPs:

Kirk/Spock, Miyata/Tamamori, Koyama/ShigeSherlock/John, Holmes/Watson, Pine/QuintoDean/Sam, Harvey/Mike, Abe/Mihashi, Tiger/Bunny, Arthur/Merlin, Tony/Steve, and Myshkin/Rogozhin.

JJ Abrams to my lensflare

If there’s anything else you would like to know, ask.