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The Adventure of Kifushamu - Google Docs



I’m mostly finished with editing on Act 1 so I’m going to go ahead and put the link here. I’ll update as I finish other acts. 

ETA: Added Act 2!

ETA: Added Act 3~

If you see any mistakes let me know! Also I’m not sure about how I’ve translated the speech of all the Kifushamu people. I wanted to mimic the high speech that’s in the original script, but if you think it’s annoying or too much or whatever, let me know!

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Every Russian Novel Ever

1. A Philosophical Murder

2. A Washerwoman Is Insulted

3. The Student’s Emotional Isolation Is Complete

4. The Estate Is Sold Off

5. Uuuuuughhhh

6. An Argument That Is Mostly In French

7. It’s Very Cold Out And Love Does Not Exist Also

8. The Nihilist Buffs His Fingernails While Society Crumbles

9. There Is No God

10. 400 Pages Of A Single Aristocratic Family’s Slow, Alcoholic Decline

11. Is This A Dinner Party Or Is This Hell?

12. The Wedding Is Interrupted

13. Friendship Among The Political Prisoners

14. A Lackluster Duel

15. The Countess Attempts Suicide

16. Back From Siberia, Unexpectedly

17. A Fit of Impetuousness

18. Someone Middle-Class Does Something Awful

19. A Prostitute Listens To A Ninety-Page Philosophical Manifesto

20. I Advise You To Display More Emotional Control In The Future

21. The Manservant Dies Alone

22. Is This A Murder Mystery Or An Exploration Of The Nature Of Religious Faith? Turns Out, A Little Bit Of Both

23. The Mayor Tells A Self-Serving Lie

24. The Countess Finds Religion

25. New Political Waves of Liberalism, Radicalism, and Nihilism Wash Over Russia

26. The Time When We Might Have Found Happiness Together Has Passed

you know what i love?

how when miyata smiles really big and his eyes get all squinty his left eye closes just a little bit more than his right




社会人の足取り 会社に行く時vs帰り道 #hokuto #社会人 #来た時よりも美しく 〜 ほくぴー

The way that working adults walk  When going to work vs the way home #hokuto #workingadult #morebeautifulthanwhengoingthere 〜 ほくぴー

The way that working adults walk, when going to work:

On the way back:

i keep pouring all of my feelings into this message that i’m writing 

and it keeps getting longer and longer and longer

and i’m sure it’s not coherent and i’m probably so annoying